Thursday, August 8, 2019

Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value Case Study

Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value - Case Study Example The number of subject matter experts significantly increased by involving L & D organizations in each business unit. As the workforce is skilled through effective training, they can collaborate and communicate for attaining common business goals. There is consensus and commonality of goals and values in each strategic business units attained through training initiatives. Besides, Verizon leadership development program recruits best talents from colleges, and are given 24 month customized leadership curriculum which can result in high performance and operational effectiveness. 2. According to Kreitner, organizational culture includes three layers like observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions; and, culture change is possible only if the management targets on any one of these basic aspects (p. na). In Verizon, the CEO Lowell Mc Adam desired to move towards adhocracy and market culture. Adhocracy culture in Verizon could be identified from dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative work place which is adaptable to new technologies. For example, prior to the rolling out of new technology 4G LTE network, a training of 60000 plus hours was given to Sales and service reps (Case Study, 258). For measuring the effectiveness of training, a pre training snapshot of success is defined with the help of key stakeholders and business partners, and this pre-training snapshot is compared with post training snapshot. Through the adhocracy culture, when new innovations are introduced, workforce becomes adaptable and creative to new changes. The move towards market culture could be identified from the result oriented work place in Verizon and focus in increasing share value. One of the prime goals of Verizon is to lead in shareholder value, and this is implemented through Leading Shareholder Value education program (LSV) which is led by CEO and CFO of Verizon. In this program, senior leaders are placed in cross business units and teams, and they should

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