Monday, August 12, 2019

Medical Sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Medical Sociology - Essay Example Moreover, if they are practicing medicine while being drunk or under the influence of alcohol, the said practice will more likely endanger not only themselves but the patients and the people that they attend to. In this case, one might ask and wonder, "if the Doctors know the negative implications of alcoholism to one's health, why is it that some of them tend to become addicted to it" This kind of problem raised concerns and alarmed the bell with regards to the people who are being affected by these kinds of irregularities. There are cases and instances that their family (of Doctors who are under the influence of alcoholism), the patients and the people who are in need of their personal and medical attention are being affected by this kind of irregularity. In this case, such practitioners are being classified as a "group" with regards to their profession. In this regard, they are being classified as a group because they represent a certain portion of medical doctors and practitioners which are considered as the "Alcohol-dependent" ones. In this case, this kind of group creates a distinction to one's profession. Of course, one can never conclude that the entire practitioners do the same thing that is why they are considered as group. In dealing with this, obtaining a percentage from a group as a point of study is needed to further understand why such things happen and why such a phenomenon occurs. Of course, it is an established fact, that like anyone, medical practitioners are still human and still is susceptible to addiction. If there are individuals or medical practitioners who are being classified under the addiction of alcoholism, then they form a sociological distinction among their macro group as a whole. If they form a sociological distinction, then they have similarities with each other and in this case, the occurrence why su ch an addiction has started on their physiological and psychological system and why such addiction is still present do share common determinants. In dealing with this, it is very important to know the factors on why these kind of dependence occur. In order to be guided with this topic, mapping different situations, factors and other related elements are important in order to know and determine the factors and norms why a certain group has a smaller group which practices things that are in contrary to what they are advancing. In knowing and determining such things, dealing with different factors as a consideration is an important thing to do, in order to track down and determine the issues revolving alcoholism in medical practice. Among the controversial factors that are being considered by different experts is the theory of having this kind of problem in medical practice, according to some experts has something to do with genetics. In this case, if genetics has been the issue, then the main concern here is the genealogy of the individual is the reason why he experience such a thing and not because of the profession a certain individual is practicing. Goldman (1999) further added that "The genetic evidence base for alcohol policy includes the genetic epidemiology of this clinically-defined disorder as well as an emerging understanding of the role of specific genes and gene/environment interactions. Although alcoholism and alcohol use are

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