Friday, August 9, 2019

A World of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A World of Art - Essay Example Perhaps staring out from his asylum window, Van Gogh saw the world as both beautiful and lonely (p.61). Also, the tall, bold and white church in the middle gives a sense of balance and stability to the painting amongst the uncontrolled swirls, highlighting Van Gogh’s feelings of religion in the world. Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing No. 681 is also a masterpiece of lines but in a more controlled and logical way (p.64). The four perfect squares with precise lines in four different directions marked by dark boundaries illustrate a regular, mathematical sequence. Lewitt’s use of soothing, colorful lines emanates feelings of peace and unity. Also, the perfection and uniformity of the lines are practically instructing the viewers on how to replicate such exquisiteness themselves (p.65). Lewitt uses the most basic of lines, showing how the world abounds with beauty in the simplest of lines and strokes. Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez depicts a large room in King Philipâ€℠¢s palace with the little princess standing gracefully in the middle (p.155). She is surrounded by maids, chaperones, a dwarf and even Velazquez himself; all positioned in such a way around her allowing the viewer to take in the spaciousness of the room. Some figures are interacting with themselves while others gaze out of the painting creating a sense of movement projected beyond the boundaries of the canvas. The towering easel on the left, the dark ceiling above and the shadowed paintings behind the princess aptly reveal the length and height of the room. Also, the light shining on the figures shows how they are standing in the front, away from the dark and distant background, giving an effect of not only the vastness of space but also creating a sense of balance and uniformity. The lightness of the floor and part of the right wall in addition to the shadowy ceiling and back wall allow the eyes to travel all around the room effectively taking in the organizational space. Also, the depth of the room just doesn’t end at the rear wall, for the open doorway to the right, leads the vanishing point further back, extending the visualized space a viewer initially took in. The paintings hanging behind and to the right of the figures give a grid-like pattern to this masterpiece, reinforcing the overall spatial harmony and balance. Also, the effect of vast space is further exaggerated by Velazquez by showing a mirror in the middle of the rear wall, reflecting the King and Queen which are not even present in the room. This adds to the overall spaciousness of the painting creating a sense of space not limited to the boundaries of the canvas. Edward Hopper’s oil painting, Nighthawks, shows a few people sitting around in a brightly lit diner at night (p.510). The darkened windows and street outside lets the viewers know that it is late at night creating a sense of isolation and loneliness. The only light falling on the otherwise dull, red brick building acros s the street is from the practically empty diner called Phillies. The dark black exterior of the diner stands in stark contrast to the bright cherry red, yellow and green colors inside. This counter balance of colors creates a somber and depressing mood reminding us that even though the world is still there all around us, it is filled with intense gloom and loneliness. The light shines brightly off the metallic containers and even the bartender’

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