Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Rich media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Rich media - Essay Example Upon acknowledging all forms, it conducts a rational appraisal of both good and bad aspects of the presentation. Shir (2005) agree that aspectual analysis suggest mechanisms through which users can avoid experience with negative aspects while reaping optimal benefits from good characteristics in acknowledging facts about cigarettes. Evaluation employed original responses elicited from the experience of target individuals. These individuals serves as the most appropriate population for ensuring both verbal and non-verbal responses from the use of flash presentation in learning positive and negative effects of cigarette consumption in the society. Sampled individuals who participated in the aspectual analysis were all my friends listed below. i. Ahmed. ii. Alex. iii. Nick. Spatial aspect With respect to spatial aspect, evaluation takes into consideration elements of volume and mass space taken by the entire application. This cigarette application takes approximately 10MB on a computer hard disk memory or internet storage space. According to Sammons (2012), the application requires small to medium display screens to enhance its graphics and interactions. Alex was concerned with the memory size because he could not use a medium flash disk to transfer the application from one computer to another. On the other hand, Ahmed appreciated the fact that wider screens enhanced graphical clarity. He preferred to use a 30 inch flat screen TV to access the application. Nick acknowledges the fact that he could store the medium-sized application in his Gmail account and access it from any place with internet access. Kinematic Aspects Users of this application will be able to navigate through different parts in an easy and convenient manner. The main page contains animated options meant to facilitate interaction between the application and the user. Sammons (2012) assert that interactive animations allow users to move from one scene to another without starting over again. Alex sa ys that the animation saves time by allowing him to move directly to preferred scenes. Ahmed had a negative experience in the aspect of kinematics. The loading page allowed the next page to come up without any effect required. This lack of control in scene movement does not give Ahmed enough time to experience the loading page. On the other hand, Nick appreciates that shortcuts allows easier movement from one scene to another; hence allowing for customized manipulation of the application. Quantitative aspect The quantitative aspect of information contained in the application remains as the main challenge in accessing all materials. As acknowledged earlier, the system uses contents of different forms. According to Joao and Gomes (2010), factual information is presented in text form. On the other hand, visual effects employ the use of animations like the foot stepping on a packet of cigarette. Cumulatively, all scenes take substantial time to experience. Alex says that entire coverage could take an entire afternoon. This means a significant amount of time is spent on the application. According to Ahmed, the small quantity of text, animation and audio content of each scene facilitates convenience with respect to time. Nick had a negative experience on quantity because he could not complete the entire application without going for breaks. Physical aspect Granitzer (2011) say that visual and audio effects on the application elicit physical effects on users. In the loading

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