Thursday, August 8, 2019

How do companies in the retailing industry use twitter to interact Dissertation

How do companies in the retailing industry use twitter to interact with their customers Is Twitter a good tool to interact with - Dissertation Example The notion of â€Å"going global† that was once considered as a prestigious strategic option and it was reserved for mighty organizations in the past (Hennig-Thurau 2010). But in the current scenario of the global economy all of the companies regardless of age and size have the option to serve globally. The common examples that started small and with the passage of time went global include the names of Microsoft and Wal-Mart. The former one has its roots in a small room and the other one started out as a tiny shop in the village. The only thing that has helped the process of evolution in the business world is known as entrepreneurial skills and instincts. The abovementioned attributes has the power to help the process of economic growth and the internet grew significantly because it subliminally fulfilled the purpose of the business that is to experience growth (Raacke & Bonds-Raacke 2008). The cliche is true that states that the company which is not growing then perhaps it is dying out. The global reach is going to be the decisive factor of success in the futuristic market conditions of the international economy in the near future. The internet’s role is increasing in driving the lives of humans (Baird & Parasnis 2011). The internet technology is a huge network of networks that has infiltrated every aspect of human life and the essence of social life is also being lost because it is a complete rarity to communicate face to face. Everyone is using Twitter as the source of socializing (Kaplan & Haenlein 2011). According to modern psychology, the practice of e-socializing is bad for community because in the practical sense, the practice is playing a very powerful role in terms of adding loneliness in the lives. Introduction The information technology has become an integral part of common man’s life throughout the world and therefore, the companies have to adapt their practices in order to accommodate changing and fluxing preferences of the cu stomers (Edvardsson & Gruber 2011). The internet has grown as a notable and major means of doing business in the modern era of the 21st century. The e-commerce is effectively allowing the smaller firms to compete the larger ones in the global marketplace and because of this reason, the playing field has been leveled and that is allowing the organizational and managerial focus to shift from growing in size to efficiency (Kima & Ko 2012). The core business philosophy that is currently being followed in all walks of life is to drive down the costs so that product and service quality can be improved while, experiencing significant growth in terms of profitability (Thackeray, Neiger, Hanson, & McKenzie 2008). The modern times have also witnessed a massive level of knowledge explosion that has indeed made all of the world’s knowledge available on the web and therefore, every business has the ability to avail the information against minimal costs and this information is then, implem ented in the several fields (Boulton & Panizzon 1998). The Chinese nation has developed as an economic superpower because it managed to gather the knowledge that was created and implemented in the west. After gathering the information, Chinese government provided an infrastructure that supported and helped the local scholars in the process of contextualizing the knowledge and that very

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