Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tell me a fictional story. Be specific and creative Essay

Tell me a fictional story. Be specific and creative - Essay Example His parents had also given up on him and believed that he was a very ill mannered child and that he would never change. Tom was not understood by anyone and he was not adored by the people surrounding him. Everyone believed that he could never change but no one ever analyzed that Tom was a lonely child and he was in need of help and support. When Tom was young he was not like his other siblings. When he used to get angry, he used to throw things here and there. He did not listen to anyone. He was a difficult child to control. He did not wear clothes even with a slight misfit and he used to throw away his shoes if he felt that they were not comfortable. His mother had tried a lot but she could not analyze the young child’s problem. When he was five years old, he was sent to kindergarten. His parents hoped that indulging with other children would be helpful for him. But things did not turn out the way they had expected. His teachers always complained that he used to get distract ed very easily and he was not interested in indulging in group performances and playing with the other children. The complaints continued even after he joined school. The teachers complained of his poor performances and the fact that even a slight sound would disrupt his attention from studies. Tom was given regular punishments but he did not improve. It was difficult for Tom’s parents to look after him. His siblings were also ashamed of their little brother and did not like being associated with him. They used to avoid him at school and did not like going near his classroom. His parents tried their best but they finally gave up as they believed that there was no solution to Tom’s condition. Tom became very lonely. Life was very difficult for him. He was criticized by his parents, his siblings as well as his teachers. He felt very isolated and used to cry at times when he was alone. The poor child used to feel helpless. When he was thirteen years old, he became very qu iet and would sit in the corner of his classroom. He knew deep down that he could never make his family happy. He had been held back in grade four again. But things were to turn in Tom’s favor now. Tom had a new class teacher who was a psychiatrist as well. She started assessing Tom and his activities. She became highly concerned of Tom and started counseling him. She soon analyzed that Tom was a special child and he was autistic. She analyzed his intelligence quotient to be very high but his easy distractions had made him lag in his work. She helped Tom and listened to all his problems. She kept sessions with his parents and started explaining Tom’s problems. Things started to change and Tom was a totally different boy. He was very good at painting and his teacher supported him by all means to engage him in activities that were of interest to him. He started taking interest in his studies and his parents became very helpful as well. He became very happy. He still used to get distractions and would become aggressive at times. But his parents and siblings helped him. They treated him in the best possible manner. Tom started studying and he reached high school. His parents were very proud of him as he was an active contestant of all the painting competitions that were held in the local community and in school. He was a special child and needed special care. All children are blessed and gifted. Children should never be mistreated. Tom could have

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