Thursday, September 26, 2019

Music and Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Music and Mind - Essay Example An experiment in neuroscience and cognitive science find a good relationship between music and humans mental and the functioning of the human brain in cognitive ability (Levitin, 2015). Children can remember the music pitches and contours especially in melodies, which can help them remember what happened earlier in the day. The brain has the basic musical building blocks such as the neurons that are sensitive to tone pitch, rhythms, complex harmonic relationships, and melodic contours. For instance, the left hemisphere of the brain can process melody and the right one process language. Children have brains that understands music just like adults and enjoy music in their early life stages. Through listening and paying attention to music, children develop communication, self-expression, and cognition. The muscles and the brain also have a share of the real effect of the music. Scans taken in the brain during musical performances indicate that the cerebral cortex is normally active thro ughout the playing period (Meyer, 2008). Therefore, music engages the brain synapses and improves its capacity through neuron connectivity. Researchers found that music improves reading performances especially in the 1st graders as the experimental group showed high scores in academics than the control group (Meyer, 2008). Engaging in music through learning and performances exercises the brain by strengthening the synapses between the cells of the brain. The specific pitch training in music enhances the reading and the understanding capacity of the students. The ability of a student to recognize words in music leads to the improvement of the sounding-out stage increasing the students ability to rad. Research has shown that a correlation exist between the way students read standard and phonic and pitch discrimination (Supplemental Material for Review of

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