Sunday, September 8, 2019

Internet of things for Dubai Electricities and water authority (DEWA) Essay

Internet of things for Dubai Electricities and water authority (DEWA) - Essay Example DEWA is one of the first local authorities in the emirate of Dubai to get completely enabled and has a website reflecting its effort towards effective communication with its clients. In this paper, I am going to look at how robots usage can benefit the organization with the unique ideas and devices that can get used internally and externally. In the artificial power generation field there exist three modes of major power plants that can get used for the purpose of generating massive electric power, which can meet the high electrical demand of the vast Dubai population. They include the thermal power plants, tidal power plants, and the nuclear energy plants. For the all these cases, mobile monitoring by the application of robots can get used, and efficiently perform the expected roles with lots of efficiencies. The concept of mobile surveillance entails the power systems entails the control as well as the maintenance of plant by some automated means, robot, from a very safe distance (Everett, 1995). The robotic usage solve this task through high levels of sensing, processing of signals, control performance, the relay of information accordingly and the optimization theory. The sensing mechanisms by the robots get enhanced by the use of various sensors such as sensing of acoustic, field sensing, and also the infrared sensing among others. This sensing is advantageous since it substitutes human workforce for dangerous and highly specialized operations, including the live maintenance of high-voltage transmission line, by the DEWA, which is a long-standing initiative in the Dubai electric power. In the process of monitoring the internal electric power usage by different households and companies, DEWA is applicable with the use of line scout robot. Line scout robot is a triple axis robotic arm, which has gotten designed in a manner that it can attain the four principal conductors of a transmission line. The

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