Monday, September 9, 2019

About myself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

About myself - Essay Example I came all the way from this land to the U.S. in the belief that exploring knowledge via other places away from home is vital to life and in pursuit of English studies as well. Prior to migrating in America, I spent all my early school days in Brazil. I had already taken several interesting courses in college which includes subjects in Math, Health, Psychology, Comp, and CPR. Currently, I am enrolled in History, Chemistry, College Algebra, and the last Comp III. I believe that History is an essential part of the curriculum in order for the class, especially for foreign students like me, to acquire a necessary understanding of the U.S. culture. By taking History, I expect to learn about the period when the Americans fought for their independence against British invasion and matters concerning civil rights movements. Furthermore, I wish to find out how American societies were formed during the 19th century and the manners by which men and women expressed their fashion and attitude at that point in time. Much as I expect ease of comprehension in learning the history of the U.S., I look forward to being able to pass each given test, participate well, and share my views in class to yield a remarkable grade at the end of the

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