Friday, September 13, 2019


ELECTRONIC COMMERCE AND INFORMATION SECURITY AND ETHICS - Essay Example The internet has also made it possible for consumers to make decisions in a stress free environment without succumbing to any pressure thus making the process enjoyable. Â  The entertainment industry has also not been left out with this latest trend in business. Most entertainment products are distributed either in digital or physical form. This has aided in the sale, purchase, and distribution of entertainment content. Some of the products on sale are music, audio books, videos, e-books, and games. Electronic and mobile commerce has enabled consumers to purchase and download content from the internet through download portals (Obrien & Marakas, 2005). Transactions are done online and payments made using business cards like visa cards and PayPal. Most of these websites only sell official and legal sheet music. Therefore, mobile and electronic commerce has brought entertainment at the fingertips of consumers. Consumers can now download music anytime anywhere. Â  The financial industry has also had its share of the electronic and the mobile commerce. Banking services have improved as customers can now deposit and withdraw money online through mobile banking. There is also increased online brokerage. Another impact of electronic commerce is evident in the stock trading market. Investors can now monitor their stocks and trade them online. Another benefit of electronic commerce is the system of smart card based payment. This has enabled easier transaction by reducing the use of hard cash in making payments thus ensuring cash safety. Â  Electronic and mobile commerce has also boosted transactions in the retail industry. Selling of goods and services has been made easier by allowing customers to choose, make decisions place orders and even pay for their products (Rayport & Jaworski, 2002). This type of commerce has enabled buyers and sellers from all over the world to meet on the same site. Therefore, it has

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