Friday, September 13, 2019

An Essay On Leonardo Da Vinci

What do we consider a genius, and who? When studying different definition, and with prior knowledge from speaking to psychiatrists and other mood evaluators, I now have a good sense of the term genius. A genius is someone who has incredible intellectual ability, as well as creative. One who is not only mentally progressed, but emotionally and creatively as well. Mastering a number of different and diverse skills and having all sorts of knowledge would qualify you. Leonardo Da Vinci, is thought to be one of the most intelligent people to ever have lived. Considered a Renaissance man, Da Vinci was not only an accomplished scholar but also a painter, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, cartographer, inventor, geologist, botanist, and writer. Da Vinci mastered a number of difficult skills, and had knowledge nobody else had found, especially for his time. His advancements, inventions and art were beyond what you would call good, they were genius. Born April 15th, 1452 out of wedlock, his father Piero and Caterina da Vinci were considered peasants. He was raised by his father, some believed he was not worthy of an education due to this. However, Da Vinci was advanced at the fine arts by age 15 and began his studies in a studio with Verrocchio a Florentine painter. Verrocchio painted for "The Baptist of Christ". He let Leonardo paint with him, though eventually ending his career because he was humiliated that he had been outshone by his student. Da Vinci was accepted into the Painters Guild of Florence. The most famous of Leonardo Da Vinci's art would be the portrait of "Mona Lisa" also known as La Gioconda (wife of Frances Giocondo). You can find it in the Louvre Today. You may have also heard of "The Last Supper", a religious piece of Jesus eating his last supper. Many people still study both these paintings today, still under covering secrets. In the episode "The Da Vinci Conspiracy" on Ancient Aliens, they study both of these paintings. They point out a UFO int the background of the "Mona Lisa". The historians on the show strongly believe that Leonardo Da Vinci had extra terrestrial knowledge, and help due to what he had achieved. He was significantly advanced way before his time, in all subject matters. Da Vinci's had countless inventions, stemming from his engineering knowledge. The most advanced and memorable ones, that we still use today include the helicopter, tank, concentrated solar power, and the calculator. It is hard not to wonder, how was this possible? How did a man of the Renaissance period have this advanced knowledge! It doesn't add up with the rest of his era, or what the rest of the world knew at that point. We still use his notes and mapped out ideas for the inventions he created that we are still using hundreds of years later. Ancient Aliens suggests that Da Vinci had some other wordily knowledge that he some how acquired. Personally, I am open minded but I am not suggesting this is necessarily true, but you have to wonder. I am not opposed to the idea and theories of extra terrestrials, I'm just not set on it either. However, this raises a greg point, how did he acquire this knowledge and intelligence in the era he lived in? Leonardo Da Vinci is by far one of the most, if not the most, interesting and intriguing person to study in history. Da Vinci was known for writing in "code". He had planned to publish a encyclopedia, sharing is knowledge of science and the human anatomy, unfortunately like many other of his plans this one did not get finished. However, 4000 pages of documents have been found from his notebooks and journals of exactly that. The "code" people refer to is his style of note taking. Not only did he spell words peculiarly, but he also wrote form right to left, a mirror image. Another thing that Ancient Aliens covers is this code, it almost seems like he was afraid someone would steal his ideas. There are many other theories about the code but we'll never know the real reason why. May 2, 1519 was the day Leonardo Da Vinci passed away. He lived to be 67 years old, which was a good age to have lived at that time but not for him. He left hundreds of projects unfinished, and the mystery of his knowledge for people to find. Think if he had lived to be eighty, or ninety what other great things he would have discovered. Da Vinci is my, as well as many others, favorite philosopher, scientist, and artists. To this day no one can compare to the way he mastered numerous fields of study and made history for being a genius. It makes you wonder what else is possible in this world if a man as smart as him could of lived. Leonardo Da Vinci is the most studied, interesting and cherished of all the scholars who have lived.

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