Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Some aspects of marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Some aspects of marketing - Assignment ExampleFor instance, consumer empowerment and change magnitude sophistication trends have prompted the tv set period of play makers and dealers to search for new markets, which are specialized, among the ones that are already saturated with customer diversity bases. A good casing of such a market is the one in the United States. Therefore, it is important to note that venturing in the newly emerging markets, especially in the Latin the States and South East Asia has promoted the video gaming dealers to establish production facilities in the overseas. This implies that such establishments have lead to business strategic partnerships and global alliances with foreign video gaming dealers, an achievement that is credited with the information technological advancement. pull arguments from sociocultural forces, it is necessary to note that businesses cannot exist as single entities and there is absolute motivation for them to be informed of the cultural and societal changes, which take place in their business environments. In this regard, businesses must adapt to sociocultural changes so that they can conciliate ahead of their business competitors and to remain relevant in the market. For such businesses to remain relevant, especially among their consumers and to outcompete their competitors, there is need to adopt new technology, and this is where, for example, online video gaming has free-base a lot of relevance in this discussion. Sociocultural forces include, but are not limited to changing preferences, demographics, advertising techniques, and internal environment. Changing preferences can be regarded as one of the major sociocultural factors, which influence businesses and decision making processes. For example, some items that were popular in the last two decades are no overnight popular among the consumers. Various priorities and styles can derail the success of products and services in the market. Drawing refe rence from the clothing industry, a clothing company ought to be acquaint with the changing trends in the industry for it to remain relevant and up-to-date. Changing demographic trends also play significant role in business. In this regard ageing population ultimately reduces the market for online video gaming technology and fashions, which healthcare products and luxury goods increase. Moreover, changing gender proportions, religious groupings, different race, and ethnic groups in a given society has significant effects on the way IT business is carried out. Advertising techniques are closely linked to sociocultural changes. Advertising sets trends for video gaming keeps track and engage the society in the business. Values, moral and fashion changes are put into account when putting in place appropriate advertising technique. Drawing arguments from the internal environment, sociocultural forces affect the internal decision making process of a company. For instance, rising family l ife emphasis and dynamic gender roles have necessitated some(prenominal) maternity and paternity leaves in several organizations. In addition, attitudes regarding sexual harassment and racial discrimination have changed significantly due to sociocultural changes, which also jolt on the video gaming business. Question 2 Marketing directly involves taking the products to the consumers, thus relieving them from looking for the products. This implies that customer orders for the products and, on paying for the cost, the products would be

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