Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 29

Personal Statement - Essay ExampleCurrently, Im a school-age child at the Sheffield International College studying Business Law and social science foundation degree, in order to progress and enter the university to complete my undergraduate operate in Law.It is my involvement with Law studies throughout the years, which has persuaded me to take up LLB for my undergraduate program. I am glad to mention that, during the end of my second year studies, when I was choosing the module for my final year, I got interested in Intellectual property studies. Moreover, my habit of reading newspapers and watching news channels has assisted me in erudite the global affairs and this, in turn, persuaded me to follow intellectual property studies. In his book, Macmillan (2008, pg.1) wrote A news paper tells about local and world news. It is also amply of data and data is information. The study on Intellectual property is a renowned one in todays world and it is an necessary study program for the current business world. Apart from my studies, I am proud to reveal that I have interned at two law firms in Oman and the UK. The first law firm was a leading one owned by Al Busaidi Mansoor Jamal and the second one was SNR Dentons in the UK.I firmly count that I am a right candidate to pursue Law studies, as I really have an eye for detail and also bask working on projects and assignments which are related to the current social issue of the todays world. I am confident that my skill in discourse evidence, debating and conducting arguments will enable be to successfully complete my law studies. I am ambitious and my confidence in my abilities will give me needed wisdom in the selected field of work.As per Papadopoulou (2010), being ambitious enables you to set goals in your career. You are not satisfied with simply doing what is asked of you. You are constantly on the mind-set for

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