Monday, June 10, 2019

Research Topics for English 1A Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Topics for English 1A - Research Paper ExampleAs observed by the writer, these actions are subject to persecution and most of the times it does not.He argues that an zoology cruelty as a subject is tricky to enforce because, as his analysis and studies show, it is exactly as good as the place it is being implemented. His article brings out the lapses and loopholes in the law put in place to take care of animal rights. Truth is that the set laws more protect the people who mistreat the animals it is ironical in the sense that the laws are animal rights based. From all that analysis, it becomes the writers bearing and goal to encourage and ensure people learn more about animals and brush out issues that at the first glance may not take care as animal cruelty.Gullone in his book demonstrates how animal cruelty is another anti-social behavior. He tackles and defends his main point by use of real life examples and keeps on quoting studied reports on the effects of animal cruelty to hum an social and emotional behavior. He considers a case study where, 74% of convicted felons who had been charged with ravening behavior and practices against others e.g. robbery with violence. That all of them were previous perpetrators of animal cruelty at some point in their lives, and it is what has resulted into these antisocial behaviors.He advises that children should be bred to tolerate animals. No child should be allowed to be violent against other creatures even if they are not people. He asserts that children who kill, torture and torment other living things, are at a higher chance of ending up in jail at some point in their lifetime. He reckons that by killing, tormenting and subjecting other living things to cruelty, these individuals harden their hearts against humanity and become cruel over time. At the end, they never see anything wrong when a fellow person is subjected to such cold-blooded did and are

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