Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Water Aerobics :: essays research papers

Physical activity is an important part of daily life. It allows for many benefits in health and well-being, just 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. This includes water aerobics. Aerobic exercise in general is important because your body uses oxygen to produce energy for physical activity. Aerobic means with oxygen. This can be accomplished by participating in water aerobics. Water aerobics is a good way to achieve an aerobic metabolism. Aerobic metabolism occurs when the body breaks down fat and glucose by combining them with oxygen. During intense aerobic exercise, your body uses more oxygen and your breathing and heart rate increase. Over time, regular aerobic exercise will improve your health and fitness and reduce levels of body fat. There are many benefits that are gained from participating in water aerobics. Water Aerobics allow the expansion of physical range of motion, along with improved strength and flexibility. Another advantage is that resistance training feels easier because of the way the water controls the weight(s). Water displaces the stress that weight training (on land) can put on the body, especially joints, which is particularly beneficial for those with arthritis. It is also used to rehabilitate people who are recovering from injuries and accidents or just to heal muscles. Water aerobics is also used for people with disabilities to increase the speed of motor skills. Some other benefits are increased circulation, stronger heart, improved physique or figure, and increased energy. Other benefits that are gained from water aerobics relate to social interaction. One of the social benefits is, camaraderie, which occurs between many different types of people, because water aerobics benefits everybody, including athletes, those who need walkers to walk, and pregnant women. It teaches discipline due to the regularity of a weekly class. Water aerobics teaches time management skills because you learn that daily/ weekly exercise is important in maintaining good health. The last social benefit that happens during water aerobics is increased self-confidence and self esteem. For my water aerobic routine I’m going to use different types of water activities to meet the criteria for each specific section that includes a six minute warm up, some cardio, some toning exercises, and about five minutes of cool down. For the warm up I think we should use a mid paced song, I think Incubus’s clean will work well. The warm-up should consist of mostly stretches for six minutes.

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