Thursday, October 17, 2019

Film Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Film Comparison - Essay Example Although the Lake House film that was set in America have some differences from the ones set in South Korea, both movies are of similar genre. This is because the authors adapted similar style of writing and also share the same theme, which is time-transcending love. Both films versions are of similar genre because they are both a remake of Hollywood films and romantic comedies that have been popular in South Korea. Although, Lake House is an American version is written in an American language, it is a remake of South Korean so it mostly features the Korean culture. The English language restructure of foreign language films always receives awful press (Han 45). This makes fewer seeking to get the original films because viewers prefer the best film remake to have totally something different from the original. Similarly, both versions focus on a romantic comedy, but they both fit into clear genres of Korean films. Moreover, these Hollywood genres are taking the Asian film remakes, but the rights of Hollywood film productions have attempted to employ global strategy of producing Hollywood remakes of its movies. However, there is a little difference in this kind of Hollywood genres. One of them is that even though the Lake House film is an American film produced in America, it has new elements which are not of South Korean version of film genres. This is because the film has taken the different strategic approach of Korean films; hence it features the Korean culture. The film does not also include horror narratives, which are popular in many of the American genres. The American version uses its own styles in creating the movie. This is especially the way the director of the movie remakes the film rights, but this seems to be the problem because the film marketing may do poorly in Asian region. The main characters of Lake House film include Alex Wyler and Sandra Bullock. These main characters have romantic relationships, but they are separated by distance and time ( Reeves, Sandra, Dylan, Shohreh, Christopher, Doug, Roy, David and Alejandro 2006). Therefore, the Lake House is the one that unites them because it has the mailbox, which they pick and drop letters. The characters in this film are characterized as characters who have patient because they belief that one time they will meet, even though, distance separates them. However, this film is tricky especially when narrating a romantic love story by introducing time and distance travel elements in the story. Hence, the story is tricky when the authors are attempting to narrate a romantic story between characters residing in different places. The plot for both American and South Korean films are similar because they both reveal the way a young girl moves out of her house and drops the letter to the next occupants, which is later picked by a young man who has just moved into the newly built house. Although, the plot is similar, the American version is narrated in English language and characters uses English names. However, the Korean version is written in local language, as well as, some characters have names written in local language (Lee, Jung-Jae and Ji-hyun 2003). Even so, the American ver

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