Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Portfolio, this is for ELS program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Portfolio, this is for ELS program - Essay Example My portfolio, as stated earlier is organized topic wise. These are the particular topics that have been covered in English Language studies. A table of contents that show the specific and their particular page numbers. Coupled up with their individual sub topics, this table of contents will act as a guide to where to find the specific information that needs to be evaluated. Folders have also been used to separate the sections of my work. This folders help to give a systematic arrangement of the samples that have been attached in this portfolio. Pictures of the specific assignments and tasks have also been attached in order to give a first hand recount of what the course was all about and the individual tasks that have been given and discussed. English Language studies is an advanced writing course that teaches sentences and multi paragraph essay writing. It also offers practiced of the specific topics of interest in the course. The course is a practical one that tends to involve the learners in every activity done. The activities are in terms of home works, assignments, timed writing, in class activities, peer evaluation and also writing assignments which all help to improve learners writing skills in English. The course focused on various topics that have been sampled in this portfolio. It helped to develop abilities on; Here we were able to learn more about noun phrases. Also the structure of these types of phrases was also focused on. We were given examples and samples of the phrases to help improve our understanding of Noun phrases. Apart from the structure, we also learnt on what the noun phrase are made up of; the head and the tail. The head is what determines the shape and use of the particular noun phrase. The position of noun phrases in sentences was also focused on. The position of these noun phrases helps to determine the

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