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In instruction box Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

In instruction box - Research Proposal ExampleNokia hopes to capitalize on its brand name, low crossway cost, high quality of the new product, and the features that it presents to beat competition. The troupe will offer the Nokia Lumia 1820 Smart bring forward in the Indian commercialize at a price of $200 and will rely on various marketing and dispersal channels to reach the customers. The product will be offered for sale through retails shops and supermarkets mainly and will be advertised on television, radio, online, and through billboards. Nokia hopes to sell at least one million units of the product all(prenominal) year and hopes to make achieve at least a turnover of 100 million dollars inside the first year of introducing the product in India. In order to achieve this goal, a marketing budget of $39,700 is proposed. Company Summary Nokia is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world (Lee, 2001). The keep company engages in the turnout of unsettled devic es. In addition, Nokia is engaged in the convergence of communication and internet industries. The company has undergone tremendous growth since its governance several years ago. In fact, Nokia has become a household brand in most countries today. Nokia has round 128,000 employees spread in 128 countries across the globe. Nokia currently operates in more than 150 countries making it one of the companies with the widest orbicular outreach. In 2008, Nokia posted a global annual turnover of 50.7 billion (Mimoun, 2009). In the same year, the company posted an annual operating profit of 5.0 billion. Nokia remains the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer, a position it has held for several year despite stiff competition. Its products sell under the brand name Nokia. The company manufactures mobile devices in all market protocols and segments such as CDMA, GSM, and W-CDMA (Vadlamani, 2009). In addition, its subsidiary, The Nokia Siemens Network, engages in the production of telecomm unication network equipment, services, and solutions, taking advantage of its huge share of the mobile phone market. Currently, the company intends to plunge Nokia Lumia 1820 Smartphone in the market. However, the performance of this Smartphone requires the development of an effective marketing innovation that will ensure that the cell phone is received well in the market. As such, this marketing plan has been developed by taking into scotch the market situation, customer needs, and competitors in the market, strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the new market. In addition, the marketing plan has taken into love the macro environmental factors that may affect the performance of the product in the target market. Finally, the marketing plan presents a marketing mix that needs to be taken into consideration before launching a product in the target market. Situation Analysis The current market situation in which Nokia operates is real competitive. The industry has ma ny pseuds that compete against each another(prenominal) for the limited customers available. Currently, the players are trying to out-compete each other by introducing new technologies and products in the market. In fact, of late, a month hardly passes without a new player intruding a new plan to lure additional customers. Some of Nokias main competitors imply Samsung, Apple, Techno, LG, and Sony Erickson according to Pratap (2013). Customer Analysis We intend to targets all segments of the population by providing them with services that satisfy

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