Thursday, May 9, 2019

General Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

cosmopolitan Management - Essay ExampleGeneral Management General watchfulness is a specialized field of business perplexity. The origin of this field tramp be traced back centuries ago when landowning entailed management of property and slaves. While technologies evolved, normal managements field also became sophisticated and broad. Colley et al. define general management as a discipline that basically focuses on overseeing the modern corporations status based on the concept of profit-and-loss (P&L) (3). General Managers see to it that the partnership gains profit more than what the company is spending. In other words, general management involves various concepts and ideas in ensuring that a business survives and does not undergo bankruptcy. General management entails leading skills because it allows managing employees- from managers to employees to projects and to customers. Hence, general management involves enhancing responsibility and parley abilities in order to deal w ith people. In big corporations, the chief executive officer is automatically the general manager, while subsequent divisions of the company may have their own general manager, ordinarily using the call business unit manager, division manager, managing partner, among others (Colley et al. 4). General management tasks are basically involving sound and strong leadership abilities. These leadership skills entail identifying the companys goals and objectives, achieving those goals, and being in-charge of the results of the set goals and objectives (General Management par. 2). As a Course High school graduates may find general management as a contrast interesting because aside from the acquisition of incorporated knowledge and skills, the opportunities that await are, to some extent, realizations of ones corporate dreams. Moreover, college graduates who want to pursue an MBA may want to specialize in General Management, as well. Topics that are usually covered in General Management i nclude strategic management, organizational change and behavior, marketing strategies, approaches in problem-solving, theories in general management and accounting, and how to use communication strategies in leadership and conflict resolution. Conflict management is a vital concept in general management because it involves handling problems that arise within your management stint. Under General Management, there are answers to the causes of conflict in an organization, such as individual record differences, communication problems, structure of the organization, organizational culture, among such things (Wall and Callister 518). I chose General Management as a study amidst the proliferation of management courses, because it means enhancing my leadership skills in order to guide people in achieving goals and objectives, aligned with mine. It gives me a general picture of the structure of an organization, the people involved in the business undertakings and their role, and handling o rganizational problems, failures, and lapses. It prepares me to be the best CEO in the future. The jobs that await General Management graduates include Purchasing Manager achievement Manager Marketing Manager Sales Manager Finance Manager Manufacturing Manager Chief

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