Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Global Warming: A Theory of Accelerating Process of Climate Change Ess

Abstract Theory of planetary warming explaining the phenomena of accelerating change in the number and size of weather-related disturbances. This is a synthesis of three books Al Gores an inconvenient truth, Stuart Kauffmans At Home in the Universe, and Dr. James Lovelocks Gaia A new look at life on Earth, presenting a theory predicting the general parameters of global warming over the coming years.1. Introduction.This paper is intended as a starting point for creating a mannequin within which to discuss and analyze what appears to be a substantial change in worldwide climate. It is essentially a synthesis of three books (1.) an inconvenient truth, the crisis of global warming, written by Al Gore (2007), (2.) At Home in the Universe, The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity, by Stuart Kauffman (1995), and, (3) Gaia A new look at life on Earth, by Dr. James Lovelock (1979) (see, also,, Gaia Theory).Kauffmans book, At Home in the Universe (herein Universe), is a wide-ranging assembling of connected thoughts that present and support a unifying theory for all processes of self-organization.Gores book, an inconvenient truth (herein Inconvenient Truth), is primarily referenced for the proposition that the totality of human operation (or more broadly, lifes activities) here on Earth, if left unchecked, has and will result in more and great weather dislocations and disturbances arising from a general warming of the biosphere, and, that the trend to date displays an acceleration forming a rising an asymptotic curve (the first half of a sigmoidal curve).Lovelocks Book, Gaia A new look at life on Earth (herein Gaia) is presented as an extension of the theory pr... ...xes and tax breaks, disposal programs, trade sanctions, etc.) over the course of human existence represents an error catastrophe, such that the collective effect over time has been to steer human activity away from proper compromise and optimization, and toward ove r-population, and misapplication of resources, such that we are now experiencing the total and collective historical and current effect of those collective errors upon the biosphere.Seen in this light, our efforts and attempts to pop out working toward conservation and population control, and away from pollution and misapplication of resources, is yet another example of the system (Gaia) attempting to evolve toward a more fit accessible structure, and to dampen the disturbances that are taking the system away from its state space attractor (its tendency toward homeostasis in the current configuration).

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