Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rosa Parks Essays (594 words) - Montgomery Bus Boycott,

Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was a true pioneer not only as an A frican American but also as a woman. Whatever your color there is much to learn from her actions and bravery. She had no idea at the time what an impact this would have on our society. She was simply d oing what she felt was right. 1955 was a time of major turmoil in the country but specifically the south and even worse in Alabama. African Americans were not treated equally and persecuted at every turn. On the 5 th day of December of that year, Rosa Parks had had enough and had the courage to take a risk and stand up for not only herself but for her people. This moment was a turning point. "Whites" and "blacks" were not offered the same opportunities and African Americans suffered. There was a great divide and "Blacks" had to use separate restrooms from "whites" . The sign above the bathroom doors read in bold lettering "White's Only" and they were not permitted inside , they were also forced to drink from separate water fountains and eat at different restaurants and give up their seats on buses to White people. I can't imagine how it must have felt to be told that they did not deserve the privileges that "whites' had just base d upon the color of their skin and that they were unworthy. On an ordinary day, Rosa Parks did an extraordinary thing. She was tired afteralongdayandsat downinabusseat. Shewastoldbyawhitemaletogetup fromherseatsohecouldsitdown,andsherefused , then the Bus driver told her to get up and she again remained calmly seated . The bus driver called the police and she was arrested. That simple action was a spark of hope for all African Americans and they stood behind her. She stood up for her rights and demonstrated that ALL people deserve to be treated equally no matter their color, ethnicity or religion. While Rosa Parks sat in jail fellow African Americans boycotted the buses and walkedorrodebikestotheirdestination.Bydoingthis,theytho ughtitwouldhelpRosaParks getoutofjailandit would help effect a change. She was their hero. She later said, " Ifpeoplethinkofmeinthatway,Ijustacceptthehonorandappreciateit". She did not do it for notoriety but the legacy she left behind was enormous. OneofmyfavoritequotesbyRosaParks is , "FourdecadeslaterIamstilluncomfortablewiththecredi tgiventomeforstartingthe b usboycott.Iwouldlike[people]toknowIwasnottheonlypersoninvolved.Iwasjustoneofmanywhofoughtforfreedom." RosaParks was a strong, kind and honest woman. She never wanted to take the credit for the law change she just wanted to see an America where everyone was treated equally with respect and given the same opportunities. As we follow the headlines of the news today, we must look back and make sure we are not repeating the patterns of our past and that we continue to make America a country where everyone is accepted and treated with equality. Seeing the movements and voice of the people across the country is inspiring but my hope is that we respect each other whatever your beliefs while exercising your right to disagree. We must be open to different perspectives and truly listen instead of throwing hate filled rhetoric one way or another. This is a time of turmoil but together we can begin to heal a d eeply hurting country and not divide it further. Parks knew she was not the only one who had an impact on the law change, but she did have a big part in it. Rosa Parks is honest and she stuck up for what she thought was right no matter what others thought, this is why I admire Rosa Parks.

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