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203263514986000 Essays - Global Positioning System, Free Essays

203263514986000 Essays - Global Positioning System, Free Essays 203263514986000 Development of a marketing strategy for the promotion of the project "GPS control Location: Astana Course Code: EMLG310 Course Name: Strategic Marketing Professor: Prof. Dr. Mariana ALBA Student(s) Name(s): N . Sikhimov , A . Brimzhanova , M . Rassilov , Ye . Saukenov Content Executive summary 3 Competitive analysis 4 SWOT analysis 6 Goals 8 Strategy definition and target market 9 Content strategy 11 Implementation plan 12 Budget 15 Monitoring, Evaluation and KPIs 16 Appendix 19 Executive summary Children's GPS trackers are used to monitor the location of children, by downloading the software to their phone and monitoring the device through satellite GPS navigation systems or in the absence of communication with satellites via LBS cell stations. Today, when information channels are increasingly full of information about the loss of children, more and more parents would like to control the finding of their children. Real location, movement for the day, and even better to have the opportunity to know about who their children are communicating with. All these needs are caused by social anxiety, fueled by tense news reports. It is the need for control and, as a result of calm for their loved ones, can be a good driver for promoting this product. Those who already use smart watches for children know how useful this is in the household. You no longer need to see off and meet the child from school. The child will call you when he comes to school and leaves it after class. And you can follow his movement. In case of a conflict situation, you can secretly listen to the situation around the child and be aware of what is happening. Many parameters provide a qualitative difference between watches with gps from a smartphone. First, there is nothing superfluous in the clock that could distract the child from school. Secondly, the clock will not be lost and will not be stolen . They are always on the hand, and the sensor of the removal will tell the parents if they were removed . Thirdly, the safety of the child is ensured by the fact that parents themselves enter only close people in the phone numbers. Thus, a stranger can not call a child and vice versa. So , the clock provides some degree of safety for your child, without distracting him from studying, and without attracting the attention of others. And also give parents more free time. Competitive analysis The first step in assessing the attractiveness of this project was to collect information on products existing on the Kazakhstan market and their distinctive features. As it was revealed in the market of Kazakhstan there is only one registered company providing similar product and services for GPS service. This company has developed its own integration platform that allows you to reprogram the GPS clock under its own platform and thereby provide quality monitoring services to its customers. However, it should be noted that this company provides only one type of GPS watch, which is limited in its functionality (relative to other similar products) and is intended for children from three to sixteen years old. The cost of these GPS hours is 10,000 tenge , as well as a monthly subscription fee of 1,000 tenges . To compare the products and their functionality with the existing analogues on the Kazakhstan market, the "Angel24" watch was purchased, as well as the watch samples of the company of the prospective supplier of the Hong Kong company "INTGPS". Watch model Age segment (years) Operating time in active mode (h) Mode of operation in GPS format Mode of operation in WiFi format Mode of operation in LBS format Mode "Radio Nanny" Selling price ( tenge ) Service cost per month ( tenge ) Angel 24 3-16 32 Yes No Yes Yes 10 000 1 000 Teen56 (INT GPS) 12-30 42 Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 000 1 000 Sunday (INTGPS) 3-16 32 Yes Yes Yes Yes 10 000 1 000 Medal8 (INTGPS) 9-70 32 Yes No Yes No 10 000 1 000 To identify significant consumer properties of the goods, a group of 5-7 families was chosen, which for a while were provided with a GPS clock for their testing. After that, this group was asked

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