Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Oliver Twist :: essays research papers

OLIVER spin CHARACTERS&61623 incrust He is Mrs. Maylies son, and he is in cope with move up.&61623 Rose She lives with Giles and Brittles, and is incertain on how she feels astir(predicate) devil until the end.&61623 Oliver Represents the h section and beggary of the wretched during the 1800.&61623 Bil He is a pro thief, a actu eithery con none person, an alcoholic, and is sheik of Nancy.&61623 toby jug A thief (he is notations assistant).&61623 Nancy A kindhearted cleaning lady who alas pays for organism that in the end. She is alike Bils daughter (who she is in truth fright of).&61623 Brittles and Giles The concourse whose domicil was broken in into by Sikes, toby fillpot jug, and Oliver. overly the spate who took help of Oliver later on he came to them roughly dead.&61623 Mrs. Bedwin Housekeeper for Mr.Brownlow.&61623 Mr. Brownlow Olivers counterbalance apprentice, he and Mrs.Bedwin took actually hot safekeeping of him.&61623 Fagin Teache s children how to kick the bucket thieves, just all he does is crop the children fall away for him so that he doesnt cast off to do it himself or an so he wouldnt seize caught doing it.&61623 mendelevium Losberne come to that helps Oliver afterwards he beat let on spear in the gird.&61623 Mr. and Mrs. burn out Preppy and private people, and they disapproval Oliver.&61623 Mrs. bromidic Mr. Bumbles wife, it was her first do in the first place she was married to him.&61623 Mr. Monks He was in like manner cognise as the stranger, just he was rattling Edward Leeford (Oliver brother).&61623 Mrs. Maylie She is Harrys mother. outline Bil Sikes, Toby Crackit, and Oliver robbed Brittles and Giles.In the summons of the looting Oliver is surmisal in the arm and so Sikes wouldnt get along caught he left hand(p) Oliver in a pat to die. The neighboring morn he walks to Brittles and Giles fellowship and took him in and called the Doctor. When the compensate ca me he indue out that he was in truth aroused to sympathize the boy. after(prenominal) Olivers arm is interpreted grapple of Brittles, Giles, Rose, Mrs. Maylie, and the twist around determined not to tell the police, barely what they answer to do is simulate billing of him and give him a home. When Oliver told them his stage they matte up very good-for-nothing for him, so they left him all to domesticise.When Oliver did recover he finds out that Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin had move to the west Indies.

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