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New Public Management has led to a convergence between the public and Essay

New Public Management has led to a convergence between the public and private sector and enhanced the delivery and organization of public services. Discuss - Essay Example In some public organizations when the measure of success is considered to be on the basis of powerlessness or apathy, all efforts would be geared towards this even if it compromises the quality of services given to the service users. In such instances, the traditional tools and avenues for measuring success in the business and private sector cannot be employed. While the two sectors share several similarities in terms of management methods, they are not entirely the same. This difference can only be appreciated when one accepts that the administration means as well as the values in the sectors are very much dissimilar. Ferlie et al. (2006) notes that the public sector greatly values the interest of the public and also puts emphasis on political compromise when undertaking its initiatives. On the other hand, the private entities are more focused on profitability and they therefore strive to come up with ways of management and operation that will ensure that they achieve the goals. Despite this being the case, there has been a very interesting phenomena whereby there appears to be a convergence between the public and the private sector aided by the New Public Management (NPM). This treatise discusses how this convergence has taken place and the effect it has had on the delivery and the organization of public services. Esping-Anderson (1990) remarks that in order to appreciate the effect that New Public Management has had on both the private and private sector operations, it is imperative to explore the traditional sectors and how the two operated in terms of management and priorities. Haynes (2003) says that businesses in the private sector normally engage in the creation and distribution of services and other commodities to be able to enhance the quality of life of the buyers while at the same time making profits for the shareholders. This, therefore, calls for constant innovations to reward

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